Recently I have been added to the Hyper Glow tour. So far we have done a few events in New York & New Jersey. They are making some major moves, locking in bigger venues with bigger talent. Really looking forward to the upcoming events. Check out some footage from some previous events!


Here is my latest release! #BOMBOCLAT , being released on Main Course! FREE DOWNLOAD: bit.ly/snacks028 28th edition of SNACKS!

Absolute MONSTER of a track. Premiered on our Diplo & Friends mix (Twice), early supports from Alvaro, Skitzofrenix, Clockwork, Congorock, Victor Niglio, Ookay, Juyen Sebula, Wiwek & more!

From the forthcoming SNACKS Vol 3: The Compilation (out late Feb 2014 on iTunes, Beatport and all fine digital retailers!) But for now, it’s a free download, so please like, share and comment!



2 Months ago Salami Johnson released his Golden Girls EP. Since everyone is very late on music i decided to actually do a write up 2 months later haha! The Golden Girls EP contains 7 really dope tracks with some really random weird beats. Here are my thoughts on each track! Salami would love to hear some feedback!

Track #1 DROP IT! Really fun track from my homies LA of P.I.C. & Frank White. Music Video TBA (2020) lol. Razor Scooter Gang Coming soon!
Track #2 Johnny JC murdered the chorus, its a really catchy song. I found myself singing the chorus to myself in my truck by myself for about a week.
Track #3 “Back Crack” is a song i produced for Salami. My favorite track off the EP.. I wonder why.
Track #4 Mink Rug .. Quan of P.I.C. went off on his verse. Straight fiyahhhh!
Track #5 Victory Blvd line hits home for me lol! Me & Salami used to make songs in my garage in Staten Island. Thats where Hold Up was made!
Track #6 Something a little different from Salami but still real dope!
Track #7 Another different track track from Salami but its one of the realest songs off the EP!

A lot more tunes coming from Salami Johnson (NotSalami as well). Stay Tuned! #MACA

4B & Frank Bizzle – Lucifer (Original Mix) **Preview**

Here is a preview of Me & Frank Bizzle’s Original track “Lucifer”. Something a little different from us but we tested it out, and the dance floor seemed to really like it! We originally sent this track to Chocolate Puma and they gave us some really good advice and feedback. We went back in the studio and made some changes and this is what we came up with! We are still shopping around to see where this would fit. Any label suggestions please let us know!